Covid-19 in Finland

As the number of COVID-19 cases increases also in Finland, we at JOM Fund Management have taken measures to protect our employees, clients and business partners, while at the same time ensuring the uninterrupted continuity of portfolio management, customer service and operations.

We adhere to the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization, as well as those of the local authorities. We minimize all physical contact by, for instance, conducting both internal and external meetings by telephone and by using means of electronic communication. We also prefer working remotely, which has no effect on our operations, as we have worked remotely extensively even before the new coronavirus outbreak.  We also refrain from all travel, both work related and private. Except for the increased amount of remote work, there are no changes to our portfolio management. As the pandemic goes on, we will be updating our website with the developments regarding our focus markets and investment funds.


We will be happy to answer any queries at and at +35 9 670 115.